Our Microsoft digital literacy sessions will expose you and afford you the opportunity to learn IT basics and how the Internet works as well as study productivity programs which will be very useful in developing your social and professional skills.

Running an Effective Online School

The current Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic and the continuous closure of school shouldn't crumble your school business. It shouldn't mean your students should stop learning. Smart schools in Nigeria are adopting online classes, and parents love the idea. Students are happy about online classes, too, as they are now able to learn from the comfort of their homes.

 So, to support school owners, administrators, managers, HODs and teachers during this trying period, at Dervac Hub, we have put together an online seminar on how to run an online school. In the seminar, you will learn about the resources and tools needed to keep your students learning from home.

Below are the areas to be covered in the online seminar.
👉 Learning Management Digital Tools (Moodle, Canvas, Edmodo)
👉 Real-Time Communication and Collaboration (Zoom, Google Classroom, LiveBoard, Skype)
👉 Contents Resource (Khan Academy, Literacy Planet, Tynker & others)
👉 Collaborative skills (Parents' Engagement & Management Skills) 

Online schools work better with the combination of several technology services and platforms.

So, learn from the Edu Tech professionals in the field.

To sign up, please click here payment and registration: HTTPS://SNG.NG/ONLINESCH

Training Fee: #2,500.00

🎯 Alternatively, payment can be made to GTBank | Dervac Technologies | 0014207348

For more information, please email hub@dervac.com

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Microsoft Digital Literacy and Computer Basics is the ability to effectively and critically navigate, evaluate and create information using a range of digital technologies and the use of computer systems.

This course contains in-depth knowledge of the important parts of IT basics, the use of the Internet and the introductory aspect of the operation of productivity programs like word processors, digital spreadsheets and presentation programs. All these practical sessions are really useful for personal, professional and computer literacy skills.

Upon completion of this course,  you will have a grasp mastering understanding of the main parts and functions of a computer. You will also be familiar with the knowledge of the hardware, operating system, programs, data, networks and how the internet. 

You will have gain a good knowledge of advanced keyboard techniques, how to manage your files and folders, word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. 

Finally, you will also be exposed to the importance of computer security and data privacy.

Workplace Level: Job Role Training - Level 1

Duration: 5 Days

Publisher: Microsoft

The Microsoft Office for Business exposes you to Microsoft Office Suite applications which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Microsoft Word– The most widely used word processing program in the world. Learn it, and you possess the power to create stunning text documents with a state-of-the-art word processor loaded with features!

Microsoft Excel- Just take a look in your local newspaper and see how many jobs require experience with Excel. Use it to easily create spreadsheets and analyze data with charts and graphs. A “must know” program for anyone in the workforce now, or soon to be!

Microsoft PowerPoint- The accepted way in the business world to create stunning presentations. Easy to use, but hard to master. But we’ll show you how to be a pro in no time and add PowerPoint to your resume as a tool you’re super comfortable with!

Those prospective workers who wants to land employment or advance an existing career and those who wish to advance their abilities and succeed in a corporate setting.